Full Turnkey
Full TurnKey services
Our company specializes in a fast manufacturing process with many options globally to help you remain within your budget.
Cost-effective components purchasing and circuits assembly to the highest standards, while upholding the strictest regulations and demands.
We also provide advanced mechanical services that include 3D module of the project.
Circuit board manufacturing:
  • Multi-layered circuit boards.
  • Technologically advanced circuit boards (Buried, Bind, Via on Pad, HDI).
  • Multiple standard circuit boards (Class 2, Class 3, Class 3-A).
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex circuit boards.
  • We can produce many types of circuit boards and combined materials circuit boards (FR4, Rogers, Nelco and more).
  • BoM services (lead time, cost reduction PPV).
  • Kitting.
  • Cross-referencing components.
  • EOL, obsolete and allocated components.
  • Automatic and manual assembly.
  • Optional extra processes such as Potting and Glue.
  • Optional product assembly into the product's enclosure.
Components purchasing:
Assembly services:
Including prototypes and on-demand mass production manufacturing